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The World Association of Master Chefs (WAMC) has put this set of knives through a series of traditional working week routines and processes, including full use by multiple people, washing, and storage and have compiled a review of the performance.

Overall, the knives performed better than expected and were far more versatile than any of us were anticipating. The handles were of particular interest as they were well-formed to allow for any size hand to use without much disruption and discomfort. Something that is not often evident on a box or image.
The three main Forever Sharp Blades are great with their flow ridge edge and double-pointed ends. These were great with vegetables and slicing through bread, not to mention being able to slice so finely it made for a great experience...

The Fillet knife was the most versatile with its flexible blade giving its users an even greater level of range, making for a highly effective blade.
A personal favourite is the Steak knives with their clean lines and superior cutting edge. These were very handy in several tests where the fine tip was able to cut through with ease. A great knife to say the least.
The stainless-steel blades are very efficient and suit high-temperature washing in a commercial kitchen system with no distortion to the blades themselves.
The Gourmet juicers are an added bonus that was fun and enjoyable and were used extensively on numerous fruits. A great addition to the set.
With top praise for this set of high-quality knives, the WAMC feels that these knives would make a great addition to any commercial kitchen where junior Chefs need to practice and develop knife skills.
With thanks to Forever Sharp for working with WAMC by providing several sets of these knives for review, we highly praise Forever Sharp for this great set of knives.

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